About Us

About Us

Oh! La Lac is a branded online store of professional home use nail cosmetics. In our work, the words of Coco Chanel guide us, “A woman's hands are her business card”. Therefore, our fundamental goals are to provide any girl to feel like a genuine expert in her appearance, to teach the secrets of using professional tools, and to provide them at affordable prices.

We have 7 years of experience and believe that gel polish is a coating that is applied as easily as regular polish but lasts up to 3-4 weeks. We have developed gel polishes that you can use easily, both in the salon and on your own at home. Furthermore, we have created hypoallergenic materials that suit everyone. Our team believes that every girl can have beautiful nails without going to the salon.

The accumulated experience of working with American manufacturers allowed us to analyze the quality of products from each category and the sales volumes of certain products. This helped us determine the needs of gel polish users and their choice. Based on this knowledge, we have created products that satisfy all your desires.

With us, you can get professional advice on the selection of products, check the entire range of colors and choose your ideal one.

Oh! La Lac is a big, friendly team that works to ensure you get the best that the modern nail industry offers. New items of gel polishes, high-quality and professional equipment, materials for design, and much more are waiting for you in our store today.

Contact our experienced managers, and they will help you find everything you need.